Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Tree birds

These are customized to your family. The colors can be changed to your choice. Comes framed for $40
Baby and Children's Gifts
yellow and gray birch tree background with a paper cut Initial  for Baby's name. It reads in gray, "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray" around the initial. $30. The plain frame comes in your choice of black, white, silver, maple, or walnut 8x10. Any background can be used.
I also make shadow box frame baby gifts. The pattern background can be anything you want.  I can either cut a capital initial, or place a corresponding cut piece (like the cherry blossom in this piece that matches the background). You can choose either the baby's full name, name and birthday, or anything you like. I finish it off with a matching bow to hang it. Shadow box frame choice is white only. $30

The Welcome blocks can be customized to say any first or last name, holiday, sport, team...anything. You have the choice of natural or antique stain, or black paint. I use this floral style font, but it can be any font of your liking. The price is $2.00 a letter. 
this piece is 8x10.5x2 antique stain. $15
this piece is fashion after an Asian water color painting. It is 8x7x2 antique stain. $10
This piece is three sets of 12x3.5x2 art blocks antique stain. It is strung together using jute twine.  $25.  The art work can be modified as well to match decor, go along with a season, theme...whatever you prefer.
Wood Blocks

I also use the wood from the old wood pallets to make wood blocks. Everything you see is for sale. 
Seasonal Blocks

These Seasonal Blocks are double sided and can be mixed and matched to your preference. They are $40 a set.
Personalized Wedding Gifts

I make customized Paper Cut Art pieces that make perfect wedding gifts. Here are a few examples of different styles that I have made. I can create pieces from the couples actual wedding invitation, artwork from their website, artwork reflecting the location or theme of their wedding, pretty much anything you can think of. All my pieces are larger sized (11x15) and framed. My prices start at $50 and go up depending on detail. The standard frame comes in your choice of: black, white, silver, maple, or walnut. The floating frame comes in black only.

Carved and Painted Rising Sun.  Made out of an old wood pallet.
Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Large wall planter made out of a wood pallet.
Bird and Lotus Set. I cut up an old wood pallet to create these art pieces.  I finished them with a stain and white wash rub and hung them using jute twine.
This is a smaller planter I made using wood from an old pallet, three old plastic plant pots, black burlap, and spanish moss.
I love to re-purpose old materials into Art. I usually group together three matching pieces to take up length on a wall. I also love plants and putting them on the wall saves space on table tops and keeps them out of reach to little ones and animals. If you would like to purchase anything you see above let me know.

About my work

I make 100% hand cut art pieces out of card stock and an exact-o knife. All my pieces come framed and start in size from 5x7 on up. The basic frame choices are black, white, silver, maple, and walnut. The shadow box frames come in black or white, and the floating frame is black.  
Each piece can be personalized to give as gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, baby showers, house warming, graduations, retirement, milestones, promotions, special events, businesses...Each piece can be customized by color, size, style, and frame.
If you have an image you'd like made into a paper cut piece I can do that as well. (Note, some artwork might need to be altered to make it into a cut piece depending on detail and complexity).

 I also make wall art, wall planters and decorative blocks using reclaimed wood to give it that rustic, antique look. Take a look at my work and let me know if there is anything you'd like customized. 

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